You know what’s absolutely priceless? DIY maintenance. Sure, it carries a price tag — but think about how much you’ll grow as an individual once you learn about how to actually repair and build things. That’s something that you just can’t put a price on! And whether you’re a professional or just like to save money by fixing things yourself, the Cycop Bitool should probably make its way into your toolbox — pronto.


Light and portable for everyday care, yet extremely sturdy, this 10-bit tool will reach all the tough spots a screwdriver can’t. Don’t believe us? Our handy inStash Bullet Point guide will do the talking:

• Grip a wide variety of screws w/ 10-bit capability

• Use it for a long time, thanks to wear-resistant & ultra hard S-2 steel bits & a CNC-machined aluminum body

• Pack it for everyday use in your pocket or toolbox

• Reach the tightest nooks & crannies w/ a flexible head & a thin diameter

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Cycoop Bitool's Is A 10-bit tool that'll reach the spots a screwdriver can't.
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