Nerf guns have been part of our childhood (and most probably adulthood) for as long as we can remember. They have helped us gain friends and, undeniably, enemies in the course of time. But whatever it is that Nerf guns have obtained for us, these sure will remain one of our favorite playthings.

So to elevate these toys to something more fit for adult manipulation, here are custom Nerf guns from Etsy.

There are a number of options to choose from—Nerf Retaliator Realistic Custom Blaster ($50), Nerf Strongarm Realistic Custom Blaster ($30), Nerf Steampunk or Zombie Apocalypse Blaster ($80), and a lot more.

Nerf Retaliator Realistic Custom Blaster

Each of these custom Nerf guns is hand painted and weathered to have that modern weapon feel that even Jay and Kay would love to include in their artillery. You may also ask for letters or characters to be painted on these guns if the situation asks for it. But, of course, this may cost additional fees.

Nerf Strongarm Realistic Custom Blaster

But whether you are using these guns for cosplay, theatrical productions, or even your office war, these custom Nerf guns are sure to turn heads and stand out.

Check out some of the happy customers’ reviews:

Solid paint-job on this mod – and willing to put in a little customization! Much appreciated. Shipping was on schedule and prompt. Great piece altogether.—Chris Cotter

I had some issues lining up the pieces when I got them. But after a few trust got it perfect. Great quality product and a seller who’s responsive and helpful.—simplygozer

Exactly what I was hoping for, even did some minor customization work to boost the realism factor. Gonna make an excellent addition to my LARP kit!—Davis Stubblefield

The guns are shipped in its original packaging; thus they include all the parts from Nerf itself. These may be ammo, magazines, and pouches. But take note that the boxes will arrive unsealed as they were opened so the guns may be customized.

Nerf Slingfire Steampunk or Zombie Apocalypse Blaster

Remember, though, that these custom Nerf guns are painted to resemble a real firearm, so you have to know your local laws regarding carrying toy guns like these. You may need to add an orange tape on the barrel or wherever necessary.

Also, if you want this to be delivered before Christmas, contact the seller immediately and inquire about the availability of the products.

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