Not entirely sure how well designer Philip Isherwood’s case would fare in court should George Lucas Disney try to come after him for these Custom Made Lightsabers, but regardless of whether the new Star Wars series owners sued the pants off him, we’ve got to commend his cojones for claiming these creations and the iconic sci-fi series are unrelated. They look too darn good.

Each “light sword” comes with a 36-inch polycarbonate blade that is fully “combat ready” and lights up thanks to glorious LED. If you were ever bored by the blue, green and red colors of the film sabers, you’ll be relieved to know that Mr. Isherwood varies things up a bit and offers 13 differing designs with a variety of bells and whistles from sound to light-pulse control. May the Force be with you, Mr. Isherwood. You may need it if the cease and desist letters start rolling in.

(Prices range from $129 to $499.)

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Custom Made Lightsabers from Philip Isherwood
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