The problem with most high-end, expensive cars: they’re just too darn big to drive on your lawn. If your taste tends towards the stylish but you’d rather drive pathways than highways, here’s a great choice.

Pennwick’s custom built luxury golf carts come in five different kinds of cool. If you’re into sleek and Italian, there’s the F5 sports car model. If you lean towards classic cars, there’s the Smoothster, based on late 30’s roadsters. There’s even one based on a 1950’s pickup truck.

Each has a heavy duty fiberglass body and maxes out around 20mph. And true to the word “custom”, there’s a bevy of options, like 6-passenger upgrades, leather seats, stereo system, and golf bag holder. A golf bag holder on a golf cart? What will they think of next?!

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Custom Golf Carts | By Pennwick
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