Nothing beats cooking on an outside grill. We all know any meat tastes better this way and aside from that, it’s just a flat-out fun way to cook.

To make things even better, the Cuebe outdoor cooking system was created and it not only looks cool, but also promises to make your outdoor cuisine conquests that little bit easier.

It features two regular gas stoves for “normal cooking” then a teppanyaki plate fry that allows you to cook without much oil or butter that’s typically required for regular frying – so a healthier, more convenient option!

Aside from its functionality, the Cuebe’s name also alludes to its size and shape – a cube measuring one meter high by one meter wide and one meter deep. Pretty cool, huh? And like most outdoor grills it has wheels attached, making it portable and easy to store.

If you’re an outdoor cook that appreciates German design and engineering, the Cuebe may well become your new favorite kitchen.

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Cuebe Outdoor Kitchen
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