Roll out, Autobots, in this awesome Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet from the silly folks at Briabby. You’ve got to admit from the looks of this thing, it beats the heck out of the beard beanie that’s been getting peddled around as a gag the last two Christmases. While it may be late in the season to wear this creation, it never hurts to prepare now for next winter.

Excellent crochet work on this will have your friends mistaking you for the resident Transformers good guy hero the minute they see you. Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but if you work on your Peter Cullen voice, you may be able to have them fooled for at least a little while. If you look real close at the image background, you may also be able to see that Briabby has some other cool crochet offerings in case the morphing robots don’t strike your fancy.

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Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet
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