Do you remember that moment when you desperately need to cut something only to find out that your knife is blunt and dull? The CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool seeks to prevent this problem. It has a key ring so you can always carry it whenever and wherever you go. Since it is built to hang on your keychain, you'll be able to bring a fully-functional knife maintenance tool in case you have a blunt and dull knife when camping, hiking, or traveling.

The CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool has a measurement of 2.7 inches in length to guarantee that you can hang it without taking much space. It is designed with 2 sharpening edges such as the ceramic honing edge and the tungsten carbide field sharpener. These sharpening edges are engineered to handle most type of foldable blades or knives.

Designed by Tom Stokes, a mechanical engineer, the CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool was built as a means to keep a standard sharpening tool within people's reach every time and everywhere they are. Apart from the 2 sharpening edges to whet and hone your knife's blade, this maintenance tool includes 2 TORX heads such as T6 and T8, so you can use it to loosen and tighten nuts and screws on other tools. It is compatible with back spacer crews, pocket clip screws, and pivot nuts.

To minimize the space occupied by this maintenance tool, the 2 TORX heads can fold out of the way when not in use. Furthermore, the CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool has a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver, so you can handle ordinary tasks throughout the day.  It's even made of lightweight materials, so there's no added load when you bring and store it in your pocket.

Other specifications of the CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool include the following:

  • Overall Length: 2.702″ (68.63 mm)
  • Style: Accessory
  • Handle: Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Weight: 2.2 ounce



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CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool: The Seamless and Impeccable Tool for your Favorite Knife
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