There’s nothing that’ll keep you warm this holiday season than a nice romantic evening with your significant other. Know what the quickest way to set the mood is? It’s with Kasa LED Low Energy BT Smart Bulbs. With over 16 million colors to choose from and fine-grain control over brightness, these bulbs can definitely create whatever ambiance you’re going for. Furthermore, you can control the bulb directly from your smartphone meaning that you won’t ever have to get up and go to a light switch when in the middle of some action ever again.


Another great thing about the Kasa LED Low Energy BT Smart Bulbs is that they’re eco-friendly and energy-efficient. These bulbs have a 15 year life expectancy after all! They also have a “Countdown” feature that lets you automatically turn off the lights at night or when you’re leaving. This not only gives your peace of mind, but will also lower your energy bill if used properly.

Order your own Kasa LED Low Energy BT Smart Bulbs via the inStash Shop link below.

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Create The Perfect Wintertime Ambiance With The Kasa LED Low Energy BT Smart Bulb
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