Ahh travel annoyances. While you might think that taking off your shoes is the most frustrating thing that can happen at the airport, the reality is that any frequent traveler will tell you that there’s a real problem with luggage. You see, lugging around a heavy piece of baggage from room to room and airport to airport is tiring and can leave you with a stiff arm after a long day.


Luckily we live in the 21st century, where automation and robotics is becoming more and more prevalent — and a world where COWAROBOT R1 exists. You see, COWAROBOT R1 isn’t like any piece of luggage you’ve ever seen before. It actually uses high-powered sensors and GPS to not only follow you throughout the airport but also avoid obstacles and other airport-related pitfalls.

While COWAROBOT R1 only remains a concept for now, you can help make it a reality by supporting the Indiegogo page linked below. At only $429, it’s much cheaper than a fancy Samsonite and well worth the purchase.

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COWAROBOT R1 Is Fully Automated Luggage That Follows You!
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