Tired of hoverboards? Want something different than your regular skateboard experience? Look no further than Halo Board. This futuristic uses gyroscopic self-balancing to ensure a smooth ride at up to 10 MPH for up to 10 miles. All you have to do is step on, lean forward, and you’re on your way – no need to push. You won’t quite be flying, but you’ll sure feel like it!

Voted “Best Electric Skateboard of 2017” on Best Reviews Online and highly praised by Yahoo Finance’s review team, this forward-thinking skateboard can:

•Get from points A to B fast & efficiently on this battery-powered board

•Rely on self-balancing to stay even while you zip around

•Play music on your Halo Board using the onboard Bluetooth

•Light up your way at night w/ built-in LED lights

•Ride confidently, knowing the Halo Board has a 156 point safety inspection

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Could Halo Board Redefine The Skateboard? We think so.
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