If you love the Corsair One, you may be head over heels for Corsair’s latest foray into gaming PC—the Corsair One Pro. This model comes with several SKUs, but for this article, we will be presenting the one on the lowest end.

Technical Specifications

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When we build gaming PCs, we tend to occupy a significant amount of space underneath the desk. But not this gaming PC. Corsair condensed all the power and performance in a 7.87″ x 6.92″ x 14.96″ (200 x 176 x 380 mm) packaging. That’s just about three inches longer or taller than a one-foot ruler.

What’s more, the entire system weighs only a little above 16 lbs. or 7 kgs.


VR ready

VR games are no longer a rare occurrence and Consair wants you to enjoy it along with your other games. Hence, they placed not only a powerful horse…err, horsepower…but also HDMI and USB ports that are accessible.

Compared to other PCs, Consair One Pro has these two ports (one above the other) on the front. No need for you to lean over or reached behind groping for them tiny slots.

Did we say it’s 4K ready too?


Is it 2030 yet? No problem. Corsair One Pro is designed to grow with technology. Built with parts that are of standard sizes, you have the full option to upgrade or replace any component at your own will.

Disassembly is also simple that starts from single push of a button on the rear top part. It then removes the top along with the fan and the rest of the parts follow (with a little unscrewing on the side).


This gaming PC is designed to be “seen not heard” and it did live up to that. It is quieter than a whisper and 10 dBA louder than a pin drop. Even at maximum performance, it doesn’t nag like your *ahem* does thanks to the ML 140 fans.


If you need to squeeze out a little more speed, don’t worry. This little monster can handle it. Some testers have observed the BIOS kicking up to 4.6GHz, a little bit more than the declared 4.5GHz max.

It then gave an OpenGL rate of 157.81 fps almost 10 notches higher then the stock rating 147.36 fps. CPU also had the rating of 991cb instead of the stock rating 976 cb.

Stays cool

Both literally and metaphorically, Consair One Pro remains cool in design and temperature.

A test was conducted to see how far it can shun heat even at maximum performance and the results are pretty impressive.

Using an MSI Afterburner to monitor GPU and CPU temperature Joe Evans from LegitReviews.com used Prey and Arizona Sunshine in a “very high” preset. The former was played on a 4K monitor; the latter on Oculus Rift. The games were played in a room where the temperature was 69.8oF.

The average GPU temperature while playing Prey was 111.2oF while the max was 125.6oF; The CPU average temp was 140oF and 165.2oF max.

Playing Sunshine Arizona on the Oculus Rift has similar results with 107.6oF and 138.2oF as the respective average and max temperatures for the GPU and 140oF and 149oF for the CPU.

While 165.2oF seem to be really hot, it is still within the acceptable zone among Kaby Lake processors.

If this is a bit of concern for you, a few tweaking on the cooling settings or adding an external fan/cooler that focuses solely on the PC should solve the problem.


You can’t have it all, as the world says, and it seems to be true for this gaming PC. For one, it is pricey. More than $2000 for a gaming PC? Oh, hell no.

BUT, remember that this works right out of the box. It saves you a lot of sweat, tears, and blood setting up a DIY one. Besides, most DIY gaming PCs are just a couple of Benjamins cheaper.

Also, although it is upgradeable, the warranty expires if you do the upgrading by yourself. What you can do is send it back to Corsair and they will happily upgrade it’s components for…a price. A hefty one actually at more or less $3000.

But then again, if warranty is the least of your concern, go ahead and replace parts as you wish.

Final thoughts

For serious gamers who want power and performance right out of the box, Consair One Pro is for you. It has all the specs and details every gamer could hope for (and even more). It doesn’t even occupy much space so it should go perfect with your oversized gaming monitor (read no nagging from your wife).

If you are the serious DIYer, however, note that while upgrading is allowed, you may only do so at the expense of the warranty.




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