When there’s stress, there’s wine. But while stress is virtually unstoppable, our number one stress buster is unfortunately restricted. Once the cork is popped, its shelf life decreases dramatically, leaving us with only two options: throw the leftover away or drink all in one sitting.

But now there’s a third option—use Coravin Wine Preservation Opener.

Coravin uses a technology that doesn’t need you to uncork your wine bottles. All you have to do is insert the needle through the cork, tilt while pressing the trigger, release, pour the wine as if the cork has been popped, then let the party begin.

Because the cork doesn’t have to be removed, it means the shelf life of your alcoholic friend (pun intended) is preserved. It also releases argon gas that protects the remaining wine from oxidation.

The wine preservation opener package comes with four Coravin Capsules that can pour approximately 60 glasses of wine in total.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Wine Without Affecting Its Shelf Life With Coravin
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