The Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer is an all-in-one manual brewing carafe that combines a coffee storage, digital scale, brewer, and kettle into one compact and beautifully elegant unit. According to the creators behind this awesome innovation, it is a ceramic brewing carafe perched on a precise Bluetooth smart scale.

The Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer did not materialize overnight. It was designed and subjected to the unyielding attention on details to ensure durability, quality, and efficiency. The idea for a solid, portable, and prefabricated pour over coffee brewer came from large coffee makers or brewers consuming a lot of counter space in small countertops. Hence, it was designed to be a compact appliance, so it can be a meaningful piece of equipment.

The premium materials and gentle structure of the Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer define the essence of a perfect coffee. The Bluetooth connected scale is gently tucked inside these premium materials to guarantee that you get that amazing brew at home.

With Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer, you can now say goodbye to buttons, batteries, and plastic. Each Bluetooth smart scale is distinctive because the CNC is refined out of a compact piece of cherry hardwood. Since it's powered by Bluetooth Low Energy, the smart scale can be seamlessly linked to Android and iOS smartphones to display real-time weight in ounces or grams.

The bottom of the scale is enclosed in laser engraved vegetable-tanned leather for smooth and stunning base. The scale can be used for cooking, shipping, tea, and a lot more or you can simply magnetically clip it to the Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer.

Other specifications of the Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer include the following:

  • Rechargeable Battery - USB C cable included and it can last up to 60 days
  • Brew Volume – 400ml/13.5oz
  • Made in USA - handcrafted in California and Oregon
  • Cora App - for weight readout and timer to get accurate brewing
  • Porcelain Brewing Carafe

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Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer
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