Is the the future of transportation? Designer Joey Ruiter thinks so — and he’s quite adept at reimagining modes of transportation, as evidenced by his Tinnie 10 and Snoped concepts. His latest concept, inconspicuously dubbed the Consumer Concept Vehicle (or CCV), takes on the conventional automobile, before transforming it into something entirely new.

consumer2As with his previous concepts, it sports an angular design and the color black quite prominently. The front “grille” also happens to be a two-way mirror, with an air intake on the edges of the vehicle and ultra-bright LEDs behind it that are capable of outputting 54,000 lumens onto oncoming pavement.

When it comes to the interior, the Consumer Concept Vehicle is no slouch — but it’s real design chops can be seen in its slab-like exterior which serves to hide all the wheels. The end result is a car that literally looks like it’s floating! Find out more below.

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Consumer Concept Vehicle Presents A Radical Vision For The Future Of Transportation
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