The concept vertical mouse, Cone, was designed by Inyeop Baek. It features a basic triangular shape that makes everything simple. The Cone ensures that it will not complicate things for your hand and fingers.

According to Inyeop Baek, he wanted to do away with the common visual pattern and address the usability and comfort issues. This is exactly the reason why he created a concept vertical mouse that’s designed in a basic triangular figure. Although the Cone has minimal geometries and the grip does not exactly possess the ergonomic design, this new innovative computer mouse can still provide any user with the best comfort as compared to another typical computer mouse.

The overall appearance is, obviously, a Cone. Because of its triangular form, your hands will feel comfortable when you’re gripping the concept vertical mouse. Thus, it ensures optimal health while you’re there busy with your game or work. It has a scroll wheel and click button that’s designed in circle and square, respectively. The sensor is situated at the bottom together with the USB connector and batteries.

The Cone eliminates the wrist hand pain, as well as, the pain of soreness on the top of your hand. Since it is an ergonomic vertical computer mouse, the pressure on your wrist during long hours of gaming or work will be released. The Korean designer designed it to be vertical so you can fully squeeze the clicker or click buttons and flick the scroll wheel. In its resting phase, the Cone sits on your computer desk like it’s a decorative object or a Kandinsky ornament.

The Cone embodies the perfect comfort and aesthetics so there is definitely no compromise when it comes to these features. It is certainly a sweet spot to hit. Similarly, it identifies how a function can work in tandem with style to produce a work-of-art technology that recognizes consumer comfort and preference based on ergonomics.

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Cone: An Ergonomic Vertical Computer Mouse
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