Reading content, whether it’s a New York Times article or the latest best-seller, is quickly moving from the printed page to the pixelated screen. Kindles, Nooks, iPads and iPhones allow us to carry our favorite reading material with us wherever we go. However, the portability of these devices depends on their sizes. The Kindle is perfect for reading paperbacks, but not so great for textbooks. The iPad is ideal for PDFs and magazines, but its large size makes it cumbersome for the average beach reader.

Macedonian designer Dragan Trencevski has solved this problem with his concept device, the eRoll eBook. His idea takes a color screen and makes it flexible enough to roll up into a tube the size of a portable umbrella. Ready to catch up on the latest headlines? Pull out the eRoll’s display like a high school projector screen and read away. Imagine dropping this into your bag instead of a flat, black-and-white Kindle.

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