There’s nothing more frustrating than getting around a city you’re unfamiliar with and while we all have GPS devices, actually taking them out of your pocket when you’re walking around leaves you vulnerable to lamp posts or other environmental hazards. That’s where the Compass Stone comes in. This simple, palm-sized navigation device guides you using glowing lights. All you need to do on your end is set your destination via the smartphone app, and it’ll use its twelve LED lights to lead the way, meaning you can enjoy the scenery while you walk.

While the Compass Stone isn’t suitable for use within a vehicle, the fact of the matter is that it can very well change the way pedestrians navigate around urban and rural areas. Support the Compass Stone’s crowdfunding project today and you’ll be able to rediscover the joy of walking without being glued to a smartphone all over again.

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Compass Stone Will Give You Directions Without A Screen
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