Every great workout begins with the core. If you spend more time focusing on a combination of strength and balance, you’ll firm up every part of your body in time for the summer. With the Compact Core Exerciser, you’ve got a device that requires no electricity and completely recreates the experience of riding a horse without the fear of getting thrown off and splattered all over a pasture.

Simply sit on the padded saddle, place your feet on the rubberized bar, and shift weight backward to set the drive wheel in motion. The saddle will rotate at no more than 40 RPMs, and force you to engage abs, glutes, lumbar muscles, and thighs, strengthening back muscles and stabilizing the body as a whole. Ten minutes does more good than 100 situps or one hour of walking, so you can have more time for laying around and eating junk food. Holds weight up to 250 pounds. Any more than that, and you might as well jump on the horse.

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Compact Core Exerciser
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