Bro, you smell like a boy. Isn’t it time you started smelling like a man? If you’re anywhere over 15 then the answer to that question is yes, but the next question is “where to start?”. Well, that question is just as easy as the last. If you want a great quality fragrance with a scent that will make ladies swoon then look no further than Comme Des Garcons and their amazing Amazinggreen fragrance.


In addition to having amazing right there in the name, Amazinggreen will also win you over thanks to its all-natural scent which contains palm tree leaves, jungle leaves, ivy leaves, green pepper, dew, orris roots, coriander seeds, vetiver, white musk, smoke and a little something they call “Gunpowder Accord” which totally sounds badass.

Comme Des Garcons’ Amazinggreen comes in a green bottle with an offset sprayer. Make sure you smell amazing before your big night on the town!

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Comme Des Garcons' Amazinggreen Fragrance Is A Must
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