The vast majority of us are not knife guys. But if you’re that 1% who just have to go out and wrestle dinosaurs, rescue damsels from railroad tracks, and go camping, at least do the knife thing right.

Cold Steel Leatherneck Knives are 7” fixed blade utility knives made of German 4116 stainless steel which is, if the name is any indication, cold. They’re matte black, perhaps so they’re not giving you away with glints of reflected sunlight to those wary sentries you’re sneaking up on, and have sturdy, grippy handles with steel butt caps that are solid enough for hammering things when you’re in a jam.

Available are a standard pointed blade, which looks cool, and an angled Tanto blade, which looks even cooler. You really can’t go wrong with these in the cool department.

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Cold Steel Leatherneck Knives
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