We’ve all had it happen. You’re expecting that important call from your girlfriend/boss/parole officer. You run in for your morning coffee, and when you get back to your car and start the engine, you hear that awful chirp. Looking at the phone screen, you see that blinking logo and confirm your worst fears, your battery has died. Now, all those job offers, party invitations, and booty calls must go unanswered.

But not anymore.

Thanks to the Coffee Cup Power Inverter, you can charge all those little gadgets you’ve outsourced parts of your brain to in the comfort of your own vehicle. While you get your morning caffeine top-off, your phone, iPad, and mp3 player can get theirs. Simply plug into your car lighter and you can charge 3 devices at once from the 2 AC plugs and the USB power port.

Never worry about missing important calls again, with the Coffee Cup Power Inverter, all your electronics can get their morning jolt the same time you do.

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Coffee Cup Power Inverter
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