It’s embarrassing when you pull out that fine Chablis you’ve been saving and you’re feeling all suave, and then you have to open it with a rusted corkscrew you got at the dollar store in a plastic pack of five. Sure, you saved a few bucks, but you can’t put a price on cool. 

Avert that embarrassment with the Code 38 Stealth Wine Knife, by far the most James Bond way to open a bottle of wine. It’s all fighter jet curves and sleek, vaporized titanium finish. You don’t know what vaporized titanium is, but say it a few times anyway whenever you pull this baby out because man, does it sound awesome.

When the time finally comes to pop the cork, it’s fitted with grooved precision spiral which, let’s face it, is going to do things a whole lot better than that bedspring you’ve been using. There simply isn’t a better looking, better handling wine bottle opener on the planet.

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Code38 Stealth | Professional Wine Knife
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