Bikes haven't really changed a whole lot since they debuted in the 19th century. Sure, build quality has improved as has comfort and speed but the general sense of what a bike is and what it can do hasn't been reviewed over the last 200 years or so. That's what COBI, the world's smartest connected biking system is hoping to change.


COBI adds over 100 intelligent features to any bike and is powered by your existing smart phone. Imagine being able to call friends, control your music, track your fitness, get turn-by-turn navigation, and set turn signals without ever having to take a device out of your pocket. What's more, COBI can also charge your phone while you ride your bike and includes an anti-theft alarm for added security.

Whether you're a serious or casual cyclist, COBI has something for you. In fact, this connected bike system has so many features, that it’s almost impossible to go over them all in a single article. Check out some of the features for yourself with the hands-on video from COBI here:[/youtube]

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COBI Is The Smart Bike Platform We've Been Waiting For
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