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Bored of the same old treadmill? Step it up a bit with the climbing wall treadmill from Hammacher Schlemmer. Unlike the contemporary treadmills which have electric-driven moving platforms with a wide conveyor belt, the treadwall solely relies on your weight for power.

What this means is that you can choose your own pace and start and stop whenever you want without the need to press a button.

The climbing wall treadmill is positioned upright and has hand and footholds on individual panels. As you move along, the treadmill revolves continuously.

The treadmill adjusts from -20º to +5º from vertical similar to slab climbing. The holds may also be repositioned to four different locations on each panel so that you can customize your workouts. In other words, you can relocate these holds to target different areas of your body whether for building muscle or simply making yourself fitter.

In comparison, the ClimbStation K.E.R.S. may be overhung up to -45º. Also, it has 10 pre-set difficulty levels for your varying needs. It may also be edited to match your base.

Despite not having the same motor driving the regular treadmills and lacking the pre-programmed levels the K.E.R.S has, Hammacher Schlemmer’s climbing wall treadmill still does a good job of tracking your progress. It has a LED display that shows how much calories you’ve burned, the distance climbed, and the time elapsed.

Also, the treadwall measures 10′ 2″ H x 5′ W 8′ D and weighs about 810 lbs. It requires as much floor area as the traditional treadmill. The K.E.R.S., on the other hand, requires 6.5 x 13 ft. of floor space and 11.5 ft. of ceiling height. This means that the treadwall from Hammacher Schlemmer is better for those who don’t have enough space at home.

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