Ciil Technologies may be a young company–only a year old at the time of this writing–but their ideas are pretty advanced, and that includes a range of HDTVs for outdoor use (primarily), which offer weather resistance with the highest waterproof and dust-proof ratings out there. So the next time you’re sitting in a driving rainstorm, and you don’t have the sense to come in out of it, you will still be able to benefit from the advantages of 1080p.

The Ciil Technologies Weatherproof HDTVs come in a range of sizes from 32-inches to 55, which means they’d make great inside TVs as well. They operate on LCD technology, and will soon become a mainstay at pubs, taverns, and family eateries with an outdoor lounging area. Exciting technology, but aren’t we all just a little too married to our TVs? What’s that, no, I should shut the hell up, this TV rocks? Okay, message heard. Loud and clear.

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Ciil Technologies Weatherproof HDTVs
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