We know you’re thinking, “Another Chromebook?” but hear us out. The Samsung Chromebook 2 isn’t just another Chromebook; it’s the best Chromebook that’s ever been made. Everything about this laptop screams premium.

The Chromebook 2 has a stylish design with comfortable chiclet keys and a pretty responsive trackpad. It sports a silver, faux-leather lid and “stitches” across the perimeter to make it look even more like real leather. The display is also quite nice and features full 1080p; it’s practically a retina display at this size. Make no doubt about it, the Chromebook 2 is definitely a $250 Chromebook that can easily pass for a model 3 times that price.


Design isn’t the only thing that makes this Chromebook stand out though. The Chromebook 2 has a 9-hour battery life and a more-than-decent Intel-based processor which should make the ChromeOS experience much more productive. Sure, there are faster and more robust Chromebooks out there but those are parts of the whole Chromebook philosophy anyways. A Chromebook is supposed to be about excelling at a low price point, and at $250 no other Chromebook comes close to the Chromebook 2.

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Chromebook 2: An Amazing Upgrade
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