OK, there’s no need for this to confuse.  Chivote makes a bag shaped like a boombox, designed to carry your laptop, tablet or other similar device.  And that’s it.  No problem.

It’s a fascinating design concept: model a container after a device that was (back when Reagan was president) carried around like a bag.  The pockets in front give the bag its boombox feel–it’s not the first bag with pockets or that’s shaped like a small stereo, but this is inStash, not inQuibble.

In any case, Chivote offers something that no boombox ever did–individual hand crafting, with every piece of leather cut by an actual human.  Can’t go wrong there–the only question is do you want full grain, vegetable tanned, or nubuck leather?

One dandy feature is that the bag can go from over-the-shoulder, messenger style, to backpack, to briefcase, to clutch.  It’s in Kickstarter phase–Godspeed thee, Chivote.

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Chivote Says Long Live The Boombox
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