Anyone ever heard of checil? Unfortunately, we hadn’t until now. Thanks to CHECHIL USA, the smoked, braided string cheese snack from Armenia and Anatolia will finally give American audiences a chance to try it out. From project leader Sergy Yurkin comes this salty, cheesy, low fat item that — if it’s as good as it looks — no bar snack selection should be without.

While Yurkin’s company is certainly not the creator of chechil, it is the first to make it available in the US. The Kickstarter has currently raised close to $4,000, but it’s still got another $8k to go before it can become a reality. This is your chance to find out what Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia have been raving about. Or, you could probably track down a way online to do it yourself, but why go to the extra trouble? Donating to the project will get you one pack of chechil cheese and a few other goodies.

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CHECHIL USA String Cheese Snack
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