Chargerito is a smartphone wall charger that can be attached to a keychain along with your car keys. With this charger, it’s much less likely to wind up leaving it at home.

The Chargerito allows you to juice up your phone’s battery whenever there’s a wall outlet in the area. It is a collapsible charger where both the connector that charges your phone and the prongs that’s plugged into the wall outlet fold into its body. In this way, there’s absolutely nothing sticking out when you place it inside the coin pocket of your pants.

When in use, the charger’s side should be attached to the wall with your smartphone sitting on top of the edge and vertically leaning against the wall. The Chargerito is designed to let your phone face outwards where the screen is visible, so you can easily check your messages, see notifications, and perform whatever stuff you need to do while your phone is charging.

Although the Chargerito is designed to be attached to the wall outlet, it can still support the weight of most smartphones and other tablets or iPads. This world’s smallest phone charger comes in 2 variants: micro-USB connector and Lightning connector. Hence, whether you’re an Android or iOS device user, you can still use this wall charger.

If you’re wondering on how long will it take for Chargerito to charge your phone, the company states that, “In short, about twice as fast as an external battery or USB cable connected to another device like a laptop. It varies significantly according to the device being charged, room temperature, age of the battery, etc.” Additionally, it will only take an hour for the Chargerito to juice up an iPhone 7 from 0 to 100%.

Moreso, the Chargerito is designed to work with all MFi-certified cases when it comes to iOS devices. As for Android devices, it will vary depending on the thickness of the case, although it will mostly work on cases that are reasonably slim.



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Chargerito: World’s Smallest Phone Charger
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