There’s a silent crisis in the mobile space that’s happening right now as you read this. In fact, depending on the device you’re on you may be victim to the plague of power-hungry apps and poor battery optimization that plagues nearly every phone regardless of what operating system its running. So how does one survive the battery life crisis? Get a Power Vault 18,000 mAh battery of course!

power vault

Power Vault may just be the world’s longest-lasting external battery pack. It’s important to point out that “longest-lasting” doesn’t necessarily translate to “big and bulky” as Power Vault’s solution is just slightly larger than a pack of gum. That’s not all, though. Power Vault’s 18000mAh Portable Battery Pack has two, yeah you read that correctly, two USB charging stations and is capable of charging one tablet and/or smartphone at the same time. Power vault is available at a number of online retailers but has it listed at a cool $29.99 (72% off retail price).

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Charge Your Phone's Battery 15 Times Over With PowerVault's Mobile Battery
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