Solar charging technology has historically been plagued by devices which are either large and cumbersome or small and inefficient. Until now. Meet Solar Paper, the world’s first solar charging solution which is small and thin enough to fit within your note planner. That’s right, as its name implies Solar Paper is paper thin (not to mention ultra light!).


Solar Paper can reliably charge your smartphone within just 2.5 hours on a normal sunny day. It’s perfect for outdoorsy folks and explorers who will be able to clip the charger onto a backpack in order to charge their devices while hiking. Urban adventurers shouldn’t feel left out either as the device fits easily into a jacket pocket or even your Moleskin notebook.

Need to charge even faster? Is it a cloudy day? No worry, by harnessing the power of magnets you’ll be able to snap on more charging panels on your Solar Paper in order to gather more solar energy. Talk about handy!

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Charge Your Devices With Solar Paper!
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