In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re living in an electric bike revolution. Not only are there more electric bikes than ever before, but for the first time we’re finally seeing models that are meant for much more than just getting around urban environments. Case in point, the new Bultaco Brinco Electric Dirt Bike, an e-Bike which offers eco-conscious transportation both on and off-road.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery which is linked to its brushless on-wheel motor, Bultaco Brinco Electric Dirt Bikes boast an impressive range of 62 miles with a max speed of 37 mph to boot. Assisting the electric motor in achieving those impressive feats is an all-aluminum frame which will shock you by how light it is. What’s more, the Brinco Electric Dirt Bike also offers three riding modes along with high performance disc brakes for added safety. If all the wasn’t enough, perhaps the smartphone connectivity and intense LED lighting might just sway you to buying your own.

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Change The Way You Ride With The Bultaco Brinco Electric Dirt Bike
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