If you’re hungry, just the word “barbecue” is enough to make your mouth water. Maybe you only get as far as the “barb–” before you’ve already got a lighter and a plate of steaks in your hand and you’re running out the door. But what if, before the word “barbecue”, you saw the word “better”? Are we salivating yet? 

The Charcoal Companion Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Humidifier has a simple premise:  infuse the meat with steam while it’s barbecuing. You fill this puppy up with water and slap it on the grill, and it releases steam that helps keeep the meat naturally tender while it’s cooking. Your food hangs onto its flavor better. You can’t go wrong.

But you can go even righter. Fill the humidifier instead with wine, juice, or… this seems like some beautiful dream… beer, and suddenly you’ve got meat straight from heaven’s very own grill.

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Cast Iron Grill Humidifier
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