Pure, unadulterated paradise and satisfying solitude along the Thai beach: No other phrase quite adequately describes the Casas Del Sol beach villas of Thailand. Nestled along the exclusive, lush-greenery-lined and crystal clear waters of the Ko Tao coastline, The Casas Del Sol villas offer an unrivaled experience (and view!).

Each of these ‘humble’ abodes features chic, natural-feeling—with generous homage to oriental design—architecture and furnishings. Space to move around and breathe is what most would consider overly abundant. But what really shocks-and-awes most patrons is the long lap pool, complete with a sheltered seating area that naturally (when the sliding doors are fully retracted) and almost seamlessly flows into the living room.

Of all the private resorts along the much-envied east Thai coastline, the Casas Del Sol villas—which seem a million miles from any noisy, crowded city—are hands down the closest to the ultimate paradise one will ever find.

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Casas Del Sol | Tropical Beach Villas
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