We all know street parking sucks, so if you’ve got two cars and a single car driveway, you’ve probably wished that you could just drive one up on top of the other and park ‘em two high. That’s exactly what Cardok is for. It’s like a bunk bed for your cars.

The system consists of a two-level platform mounted on an electro-hydraulic system. The push of a “hold to run” button on a standard remote raises or lowers the whole thing, bringing either the upper or lower platform to ground level in less than thirty seconds. Two cars in the space of one, with more security than a standard garage. And it’s all treated against corrosion and wear so you’re not adding an extra maintenance chore to your life.

They’ve got you covered, too, if you’ve got up to four cars with Cardok Multi. Or Cardok Mono if you just want to hide your car underground and have a pretty garden on top. How awesome would that be the first time you show it off? That’s not just cool; that’s Batman cool.

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Cardok | Underground Parking Solution
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