If you’re an audiophile then you probably don’t believe that any earbuds that don’t cost at least several hundred dollars can even sound remotely good. You’d be wrong in that assumption, however. While that rule generally applies to most headphones, there’s one that stands apart from all the rest for delivering over-the-top sound at a low low price. We’re talking about Carbo Tenore headphones, of course.


These $38 headphones could easily be worth ten times that amount. The soundstage is wide and deep, sound balance couldn’t get better, and the detail retrieval is beyond good. The star, as with most headphones, is the bass and it doesn’t fail to deliver. While the bass isn’t as loud as it would be on your beats headphones, it certainly has quality sound.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy yourself your own pair of Carbo Tenore via the link below. This product is basically a mandatory “must have” for anyone who listens to music, even occasionally.

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Carbo Tenore Headphones Are Only $38, Pump Out $380 Quality Sound
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