As Matchbox Twenty says, let’s see how far we’ve come. If we’re talking about cameras, then that is pretty friggin’ far. Consider if you will the popular S90 from Canon. This was one of the first higher grade pocket shooters, and it was capable of far more than high-end cameras from twenty years ago ever thought possible. Now we’ve got a step up from that with the Canon PowerShot S95.

This replacement for the previous S90 sports the same control ring and body style as its predecessor, but it boasts the added features of being able to shoot in 720p video, which means those home movies of the past will look like they belong in the 21st Century. Add to that its compensation for additional movements via the patented “Hybrid IS” system, and videos sport greater fluidity. That doesn’t even factor in how well this bad boy shoots photos. And using the 3.0″ LCD screen, you can always be sure that the frame you shot is the shot you want. Costs around four bills, though, so ask yourself how much the added features are worth to you.

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Canon PowerShot S95
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