Coffee mugs come in all forms. There's the floating one, the upside down, and a lot more. But a self-stirring mug? That's something we haven't seen before. Yeah, sometimes we spend so much time in our caves that we're not aware technology has already invented items like this.

But moving on, the Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug, as the title suggests, does not only stir its content by itself but also highly resembles a DSLR lens.

See how it works:

Imagine that smile on your shutterbug's face when he sees this.

And it's not just for photography enthusiasts. It's for everyone who loves cold or hot beverages but doesn't have time nor patience to stir them. You just have to provide 2 AAA batteries.

It's a good gift for the nomads, too. The Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug's interior is nicely insulated, keeping your drinks cool or hot for a long time. It's also very portable to be taken anywhere as it weighs only .10 lb. and measures 6″ x 4″ 6".

The mug is made from food-safe aluminum and plastic materials and holds 11 fl. oz.

Check out what some customers say about it:

It is pretty much what I expected. A coffee mug made to look like a camera lens. I was kind of hoping both switches worked for a project I am working on, but only the switch for the stirrer moves. For a little plastic stirrer it really does spin any liquid really well, and it is nice it came with batteries. There is not much room for coffee in it, I guess about 12 oz. ?Ross

Brother loved it! Felt like it was good quality, well sealed and should hold up. He was looking for something to make to try it out.?Locolyn

My husband loves his gift. Fragile but useable. Also not as big as it looks.?242reader

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