In an ideal world, there would be a lot of things to do when you’re in a superyacht that you won’t even think of killing your time in front of the television. However, this is not the case when you have the C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV. It delivers outstanding entertainment with a very sleek and exceptional design that will get your attention the moment you see it.

It is a retractable outdoor TV that is built to easily attach to your superyacht. When not in use, the C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV is elegantly concealed to appear like an ordinary fixture or post on your yacht until it unfolds.

The C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV is an enthusiastically sophisticated blend of horizontal and vertical drives that draws back the entire 201-inch screen into a 31-inch depth shallow compartment. It will only take about 15 seconds to rise and impress your guests. Because it’s built for outdoor use, this huge TV can remarkably provide you with a 4,500 nits brightness to ensure that you can enjoy your movie even though you’re watching TV at high noon. It has a 48-bit color depth and 4,500:1 contrast to guarantee that you’ll have a vivid and unblemished picture.

Other notable features are the: HDR support, 4K resolution, 500-watt broadband stereo speakers, 180-degree rotation, and marine-grade steel and aluminum structure.  It also has available connectors which are comprised of RJ45 Ethernet slot, one BNC output, 3 XLR outputs, one RS232 slot, and a lot more. So far, the C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV is probably the first outdoor TV you can find suitable for your superyacht that offers the most crystal clear picture under the sun.

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Enjoy you Movies in the Middle of the Ocean with the C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV
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