Bullet Journal is billed as the “analog system for the digital age.” If you’re like many people, you still break out the pen and paper (and Post-It notes) whenever you really need to remember something. Why do we still do this when we have styluses and tablets and computer files? Because constantly looking at an LED backlit screen can get burdensome on the eyes, and there is a subtle but effective attention to detail that happens whenever you force your hand to write what your brain is thinking.

Enter Bullet Journal, a unique system for continuing to use pen-and-paper while not sacrificing the organizational qualities of high-powered computers and smart devices. Invented by Ryder Carroll of Brooklyn, New York, the system is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign to develop Bullet Journal 2.0. Donate $25 and you get a handy-dandy physical notebook. However, the new website will be free. To learn more, go to the old website here or click our Buy button below.

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Bullet Journal: Analog System For The Digital Age
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