The absolute coolest thing about the Bullerjan Hot Air Furnace is that it was apparently developed by Canadian lumberjacks. Engineers and scientists are great and all, but Canadian lumberjacks… those guys need to know how to warm up fast.The Bullerjan is a wood-burning furnace (seriously, what else are Canadian lumberjacks going to burn? Their toques?) that guarantees high heating capacity, good heat circulation, and long glow retention. It functions by way of a series of steel pipes bent to form a cylindrical combustion chamber. A natural circulation is formed that doesn’t require any kind of electric fan to keep it moving. And you get a cozy crackling fire to look at too.

The furnace also boasts of almost complete wood combustion, and therefore low ash accumulation. And there are six capacities and four different designs on offer to suit any room size and decor from “log cabin” to “high-end, luxury log cabin”.

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Bullerjan Hot Air Furnace
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