Everybody loves a great 2-for-1 deal. Whether it’s fast food, clothes, pizza, or whatever else they can think up, we are there to eat it all up. But it’s not everyday that you get a great 2-for-1 in a kitchen appliance. The Breville Radio Toaster has that duality that we can’t get enough of, pairing a two-slice toaster with an AM/FM radio.

The radio features 10 memory slots for storing your favorite stations, and even an auxiliary input, so you can hook it up to an MP3 Player. The toaster is lighter than normal two slicers and has some neat features of its own, including a mid-cycle cancel button, an extra high lift from smaller items, a reheat function that warms up your toast without burning it, and a “from frozen” that extends the cooking period to allow time for the bread to defrost. Who knew you could get this much out of a toaster?

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Breville Radio Toaster
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