Brennwagen Grills come in three different models, and range from an affordable $725 to a life-changing $6,300. If you’re into grilling, though, these will hit the spot at any price level. Designed by a former Formula One racer, you can kind of see the pedigree at work when you get a peek.

With the heaviest of the heavy duty GTC 1200 and its GTC 800 little brother, you get  fully isolated drawers for meat and drinks, stainless steel construction, integrated thermometers, drum brakes, height-adjustable grill units, thick and sturdy wheels and a dolly handle that helps you to safely and easily get to wherever you need to go for that next grill-out.

The GTC 500 is the low man on the totem pole, but still features plenty of storage on two wheels in a unit the size of a hibachi grill. Any of these models offer the finest tailgating available, so loosen the purse strings and go grill wild. And while you’re at it, load up on these Grilling & BBQ Kits to help bring out the flavor.

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