Chainsaws are pretty handy when you need to cut into thick wood without much effort. It’s a great tool for cutting wood outdoors, but generally not recommended to use one indoors. This is why Bosch created the miniature chainsaw.

The Bosch EasyCut 12 takes the rotating chain design of its original chainsaws and placed it on this mini-chainsaw so you can have a small yet powerful tool when you’re in your workshop. You can even use it to chop down small tree branches.

It has a handle and body structure similar to your power drills that allows you to control it with just one hand while cutting through things. It comprises a small saw blade and revolving micro-chain that’s about 4mm long for every chain link. Because of this revolving micro-chain, it enables you to cut pieces of wood without having to deal with disturbing vibrations that may destroy your angle and precision. The stroke movements you experience when using sabre saws or jigsaws are non-existent when you use a Bosch EasyCut 12.

The Bosche NanoBlade Technology allows you to achieve those vibration free cuts without fastening it to your workplace. The Bosch EasyCut 12 is simple and compact to handle and it can easily create straight and quick cuts. Thanks to the new Bosch design, you can saw or cut things close to the edges. Hence, you can neatly cut off your branches near the trunk.


As for the cleaning process, you can easily and safely clean the Bosch EasyCut 12 by just opening the hatch. You can also change the saw blades the same way. Just don’t forget to close it before using. The Bosch EasyCut 12 is also designed to have a new sawing technology, which makes it maintenance free. You don’t have to use oil or sharpen the saw blade.

Lastly, the Bosch EasyCut 12 has a lithium-ion battery which guarantees that the saw is always ready and equipped anytime and anywhere you need it.

Note: There is still no update on whether it’s already available in the US market. However, it costs £100.00 as per Bosch’s website.

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Meet Bosch EasyCut 12: A Miniature Chainsaw you can Use Indoors
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