Now that we’ve yet another new year, the number of new gadgets which are being released is slowly increasing until it reaches its crescendo at the end of this week’s CES. The newest of such gadget is the BoomStick, a $99 dongle which promises to make any pair of headphones sound at least as good as those expensive pair of Beats.


BoomStick is small, light, and portable thanks to its 14-hour long battery (which can be recharged with microUSB). It’s able to work its magic thanks to its proprietary algorithm which is able to boost bass and allow for a deeper, richer sound.

While $99 may seem like a lot of money, when you consider that buying premium headphones may just set you back a couple of hundred smackaroos the idea of a gadget which can almost magically improve the audio quality of your headphones quickly becomes much more compelling.

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BoomStick Will Turn Any Headphones Into Beats Headphones
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