Are you sartorially challenged? You’re not alone. The stereotypical geek isn’t very good at dressing himself. Luckily there are solutions for us, solutions like Bombfell. Never heard of it? That’s normal, Bombfell is a brand new subscription service which is poised to change the way that we buy outfits.


The secret behind Bombfell is their personal stylists. After filing out a brief survey regarding your tastes, you’ll be receiving outfits tailored to your tastes on a monthly basis. It’s like having your own personal shopper!

Now, that might not sound all that revolutionary — afterall, plenty of companies offer that sort of “personal shopping” service. What Bombfell adds is a truly advanced algorithm which makes recommendations based on fit and style in order to help you find clothes that you’ll fall in love with. Included at the algorithm is also Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social information, improving recommendations further.

You can try out Bombfell yourself right now by heading to the website below. You definitely won’t regret it!

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Bombfell Is Your Digital Personal Stylist
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