The BMW i Series has arrived–well, almost–and boy, is it going to make you tree-huggers happy. The i3, which is considered the low man on the totem pole, features around 170 horsepower thanks to its electric powertrain and it can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour, according to the company, in just under 8 seconds, making it one of the worst possible choices if you’re looking for a getaway car in that upcoming bank robbery attempt.

On the other hand, the i8 will settle much better with sports car aficionados. This environmentally friendly bad boy travels the same distance as its i3 counterpart in under five seconds and produces 220 horsepower. It’s also said to get around 78 miles per gallon. (We’re in.) Just don’t expect it to win in a race with any of our Top 15 Supercars. No word on pricing yet, as so far only the concept cars have been released, but expect great things!

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