Remember the Bluetooth Beanie that keeps your head warm and your ears music-filled? Well, it's back on sale again, and this time it's taking its friend, touchscreen gloves, with it.

The best part? These two are even cheaper than buying only the beanie. Before, the beanie alone will set you back $27. Now the two costs $23, and the beanie quality didn't even change.

In other words, you still get the same acrylic material equipped with Bluetooth 4.1. Its range remains at 30 feet, driver size of 32mm, a sensitivity of 95dB, and so on. Probably the only that's changed is the color options. With the previous deal, you can choose between blue and gray, but now only the latter is available for both the beanie and the touchscreen gloves.

Simply put, you can use your phone and stream music without taking off your hat and gloves. What's more, the beanie has a built-in mic, which means you can take any calls on-the-go without exposing your ears, head, and hand to the freezing weather.

What we like most about it is that it perfectly fits an adult head, unlike other beanies that usually too tight and thus uncomfortable to wear. Plus, the Bluetooth feature is easy to pair with any device (at least the Android ones we used).

And don't worry about the beanie cutting your fun short, because, despite its size, it can actually last up to six hours in a single charge whether you are playing or talking on the phone or both.

Here are its specs again:

Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth range30ft
Driver size32mm
Play/talk time5-6 hours
Charge time1.5 hours
Standby time60 hours
Care instructionsspot clean

Bluetooth beanie with touchscreen gloves is on sale for five more days.