It seems like everything is beginning to get labeled as “smart” nowadays. But have you thought about the possibility of your own luggage being smart? Thanks to Bluesmart’s revolutionary luggage carry-on, now we can. Bluesmart is a suitcase on lockdown. Controlled by your smartphone, you can remotely lock and unlock the Bluesmart. You can also track its location anywhere in the world from the Bluesmart app or on the Bluesmart website, get detailed reports and statistics of where you and it has been, and set up a proximity alarm to alert you that your bag is not by your side.

slide-1-imageThe Bluesmart doesn’t just provide you with security and tracking; it keeps you prepared by the use of its built-in weight scale. All you have to do is simply lift the handle on the top and the Bluesmart phone app will show you the weight. Now you don’t have to worry about last minute changes to the contents of your luggage if your airline or transportation service has weight restrictions. Also, while you are stuck at the airport for a layover, the Bluesmart contains a rechargeable battery that you can use to charge any of your devices on the go.

With all the various technologies, functions, and securities the Bluesmart contains, you’d think the TSA would prohibit its use. Fortunately, the TSA will be accepting its use for commercial transportation.

For more information about the Bluesmart and to pre-order it, head over here: Bluesmart

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Bluesmart: The Smartest Way to Travel
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