If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re some kind of cyborg right out of a science fiction movie then Blu is for you. Blu may look like a future-inspired smart watch but it’s really the world’s first wearable smart phone with a flexible display. The underlying technology behind the innovative display is OLED but the folks behind Blu have managed to make it so that the display is able to be bent and locked in on your wrist using an overlapping clasp.


As a device which is worn on your person, Blu is meant to be a deeply personal product. Part of the customization of the product is the light bars on each side of the device. Light bars can be customized to nearly any color and also light up to alert users of incoming notifications such as texts or missed calls.

So what else can Blu do? Pretty much anything your existing smartphone can and more. Due to the unique design of Blu, the device has nearly double the battery life of most smart phones on the market and is also completely waterproof. What’s more, Blu features 360 degree sound for an audio experience which is completely unlike anything you’ve heard from a mobile device in the past.

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Blu Is A Completely New Type Of Smartwatch
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